Seema Goel

19 Years
Master’s in Food & Nutrition, Lady Irwin College


Seema has worked with PGI Chandigarh and has counselled 10,000+ diabetic patients. She is also a regular columnist in with Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Times Of India, Chandigarh and Jaipur edition.

Breathe Well-Being:
Where Your Health Meets Our Vision

At Breathe Well-being, we're committed to illuminating minds with accurate, science-backed health insights that have the power to change lives in more ways than imagined.

As we offer you a ‘go-to’ platform for all your diabetes-related concerns, we inch closer to our vision of empowering people to combat and reverse diabetes in a way that’s natural, sustainable & effective.

The ‘Diabetes-Mukt Bharat’ Mission

The 'Diabetes-Mukt Bharat' Mission is our passionate endeavour to transform lives, creating a nation free from the clutches of diabetes. At the heart of this mission lies a bold vision: to achieve 1 million successful diabetes reversals by 2025.

Our philosophy centers around the belief that those having diabetes are not just patients but heroes fighting a big battle (we call them Diabetes Heroes). We see a future where their journey leads to a definitive point, a stage of victory – a place of 'No Going Back.'

With a robust network of industry-leading diabetologists, diabetes educators, and health coaches, we stand firm in our commitment to guide, support, and champion each individual on their path to recovery.

This isn't merely a medical initiative; it's a community-driven movement fueled by the success stories of 25,000 people who've already achieved their diabetes reversal.

Our Content Journey

We take pride in emphasising that our diligent writers & editors bring expertise from diverse domains of health & nutrition.

With a team of medically qualified authors, we do our best to craft each piece of content with a simple approach that the user understands and trusts. We follow a set of guidelines and a process that helps us stick to our promise of providing meaningful information.

Research and Analysis

“Doing what is the need of the hour, what people are looking for.” – This is the first and the most important step that helps kick off our research.

Even though previously addressed, some subjects need to be revisited in a clear and concise way. Our research team goes through trending topics, analyses the search patterns, and extracts the topics that greatly influence your health.

Other than this, we also gather things that have been a myth or a misconception for a long time.

Accuracy and Medical Review

This is the part where our content gets ‘Medically Verified’.

Accuracy and credibility are the main pillars of any piece of content, and they matter the most in health. So, we do it with the help of our editorial experts.

Our editors are our Subject Matter Experts, and they help our content reach the highest quality standards. They hold all relevant qualifications and bring in years of experience, adding a professional touch that helps instil confidence in readers.

Our SMEs go through every fact, figure, and claim with a fine-tooth comb. They make sure the content comes straight from academic journals, leading research institutions and government websites. Not only does it ensure accuracy, but it also debunks the myths you see and hear on the internet.

“Deliver the information true to its essence” – A simple goal of our experts in a world full of marketing gimmicks and false promises.

Content Development

Once we have laid our groundwork, it's time to bring it to life. Our writers go through a defined process to craft well-rounded content.

“More value, less playing around” is what we aim for.

Content structure, engagement, understandability, and accuracy surely make for ‘Great Content’, and we do it all. But we want to offer you something more; ‘Helpful Content’ it is.

We ensure what you read is helping you in one way or another. And we do it by thoroughly discussing a topic with our healthcare experts first. This means our purpose of delivering valuable content is being served.

Another thing that brings value is the sources we rely on. We ensure that our sources are credible and authoritative. As a leading diabetes management platform, we believe in sharing evidence-based information rather than tall claims or opinions. That’s why you’ll see citations and references across the website.

Content Planning

After we’re sure of the topics we are addressing, we plan the strategy of content we’ll follow. Be it an entire content cluster of related topics, adding what’s missing or making site-wide modifications.

We first ensure that people get what they’re looking for. We realise how over-emphasizing can be overwhelming and shift the user's focus to non-important aspects. That’s why we follow the ‘no-nonsense content’ approach.

We plan what the content will look like, what the intent is, and how we’ll bridge the gap between intent and delivery.

Readability & Understandability

Our content is based on findings of medical, pharmacological, and clinical studies. It involves all the technicalities. But it still doesn’t seem technical.

This is because our editors ensure that the content has no jargon and is easily understandable. You’ll not get to read any sentence that is way too complex to comprehend. We use simple words. It’s like having read a conversation between friends discussing health.

Moreover, our editors make sure that the content is broken down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to read. We hate when everything is stuffed down one sub-heading or when one can’t see the end of a paragraph.

“Break it even, keep it simple” is a simple rule that helps our readers gather everything in one go.

Feedback and Updates

Our commitment to delivering the best diabetes management information is only complete when we hear from you.

We take into consideration all the feedback that we receive from our readers. Facts don’t change, but there’s always something new and upcoming in the world of science and diabetes.

Even having set specific standards and protocols, there’s no end-point. Everything in the health domain is always a work in progress. That’s why you can notice the ‘Last Updated’ date changing on our articles.

Doctors at Breathe Well-Being

We have some of the most experienced and seasoned doctors and health experts who have helped thousands of people manage and reverse their diabetes. They are the reason we can offer you the most credible information and get our ‘Diabetes Mukt Bharat’ mission going.

Health Experts at Breathe Well-Being

While the doctors lay the foundation of our program, it’s our Health Coaches and Diabetes Educators who take it ahead. They communicate with the team and the diabetes heroes regularly, ensuring they get the best care possible.

Creating for You: Our Editorial Journey

At Breathe Well-Being, you're our top priority. Our Editorial Process is dedicated to providing you with the best and most helpful information on diabetes reversal, management, and overall health and wellness. We take pride in delivering content that's accurate, relevant, and easy to understand.

We're constantly striving to improve, and we value your input. If you have any thoughts or notice anything that needs attention, don't hesitate to drop us a note on this page. Your feedback is essential in keeping us accurate and updated. Thanks for being part of the Breathe Well-Being community – we're here for you!

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